cher ii necklace


Product Details
Recycled Lucite
14k gold-filled chain and components
Chain length 13.5″ | Pendants measure .5″ x .5″ each
Alternative chain lengths available on request


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Celebrating the women who paved the way and encouraging other women to ditch the desire to fit into a specific frame of approved beauty standards, the ‘Beyond’ collection draws on tattoo culture and motifs to promote body autonomy for all. These pieces represent the fight we have been in to take control of our bodies and define them exactly how we want.

About the Brand
Founded by Meredith Christine and Michael Murphy, Fool’s Gold set out to elevate ethical and accessible materials into a modern line of products. The brand draws its inspiration from art, music, design and sustainability.  Each item, concept or idea exists in unity with both people and the planet. Each Fool’s Gold jewelry piece is meticulously handmade. All jewelry is made to order and production time can take up to 5 business days.

For custom inquiries or additional details, please email