“We’re a brand that advocates for people and the planet through meaningful stories incorporated into collections, products and projects.” – Meredith Christine

meredith christine, founder of fool's gold

Founded by Meredith Christine and Michael Murphy, Fool’s Gold set out to elevate ethical and accessible materials into a modern line of products. The brand draws its inspiration from art, music, design and sustainability.  Each item, concept or idea exists in unity with both people and the planet.

The brand is an ode to Meredith’s personal style, while ever-evolving with new materials, technology and aesthetic exploration. The resulting designs embrace both striking textures and a modern urban aesthetic. With a cult following for the brand’s bold statement pieces, the collection has since evolved to signature themes, staple daily drivers and exclusive custom designs.

Heavily influenced by the structural designs of modernist architecture, as well as expressive modern art, Meredith reimagines classics while maintaining a distinct, modern aesthetic. Her work interprets the rich cultural, architectural and natural environments she encounters into a singular aesthetic: a rawness balanced with elements of art, architecture and design.

Be a part of something bigger with us.

We believe what you buy is a conscious choice to support something – and we know we can make a significant impact with the collective effort of our community. That’s why we make it a priority to donate at least 10% of our profits to causes that matter to us. Beyond giving back, we’re setting a new standard for fair and ethical workplaces, while challenging the fashion industry to do the same. We value transparency in our community and want to lead the way with sustainability as our focused pursuit.

As our company grew, we realized what a difference we could make by using the potential of the brand to really stand for something. It’s an opportunity to create the change we believe the world needs, and as we know better, we do better.

We are far from perfect, but as we grow, evolve and learn, we implement changes here. These are just a few things we are currently focused on.

It doesn’t end here. Our story is just beginning, and we want you to be a part of it. Sign up for the latest Fool’s Gold news!