Our Story

Beautifully made clothes. Beautifully made experiences. For every one.

Fool’s Gold is an innovative design house and fashion boutique.

We’re about individual style. We’re obsessed by quality. And we think shopping should be fun.

It’s nice to meet you.

Good things come to those who create. Those who see more. Seek more. And ask, if not now, when? The ones who jump in. Show up. Break through. Who imagine the impossible. And then get to work. We are the original. The individual. The brave. And the world awaits. Nowhere to go but everywhere.

In the Beginning

In the summer of 2011, we (Meredith and Michael) started the brand ‘Diamonds Are Evil’ as a response to our opinion of the diamond industry and its lack of ethics. The lack of knowledge about gemstones and diamonds within the jewelry industry is disturbing, and we wanted to create a brand that, at the very least, started a conversation.

Besides the ethical considerations, one diamond looks just like any other diamond. We don’t want to look the same as everyone else and we don’t want you to either.

In the natural progression of growing our brand, we were led to open a lifestyle store in the summer of 2016 (originally called ‘No Basis In Reality’). The store launched with a highly-curated selection of art and design from small brands within the US, ethically-made clothing and accessories, and our own line of accessories and home decor. A move to a more highly-visible downtown location in the spring of 2017 gave us the opportunity for a re-brand and new name – ‘Fool’s Gold’ – which references an ideology and material close to our hearts.

Our Collections. Considered design. Exceptional quality. And the perfect mix.

The Design Studio

Alongside the up-and-coming lines we curate, we make our own accessories and home decor – all designed and made by us in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. We use ethically and sustainably sourced materials in all of our products. Using mostly wood, recycled leather and brass, we create unique, yet timeless, designs that you’ll love forever.

Come visit us, shop our store and tour our workspace!

The Mix

We support being part of a socially and environmentally conscious market by placing emphasis on sourcing high quality pieces from vendors that adhere to positive environmental and animal cruelty-free standards.

The Space

Our Boutique. Swing by. Say hi. Stay awhile. We don’t do cookie-cutter. We consider the space, creating a mix of design elements from local influences, natural materials, custom furniture and art.

The Art

A love of art runs deep at Fool’s Gold, and we pepper our stores with original paintings, sculpture and prints.

The Music

The soundtrack in our boutiques? Eclectic playlists curated by our in-house music master (Michael). Follow us on Spotify to hear what we’re playing.

Here to Help

We like getting to know you. And we really like helping you zero in on your personal style. (It’s kind of why we’re here.)

You can book a personal shopping appointment right now in any of our boutiques. Or call us anytime to get styling help, to track down an item or just to say hi.

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It doesn’t end here. Our story is just beginning, and we want you to be a part of it. Sign up for the latest Fool’s Gold exclusives, new arrivals, contests and other surprises!